Qiannan introduces environmental regulation plan for phosphorus-based industries

Publish time:7/31/2020 12:00:00 AM      Source: CCM
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On June 30, 2020, Qiannan Autonomous Prefecture’s plan for environmental rectification and supervision assistance in the so called “3 phospho” industries received governmental approval. In order to promote defense measures against COVID-19, decrease industrial pollution, and to promote local socioeconomic development, Qiannan plans to carry out a plan for environmental rectification and supervision regarding the “3 phospho” industries of the area. Those are phosphate ore extraction, phosphorus chemical processing, and phosphogypsum production and storage. The plan assigns several protective duties to local governments, outlined as follows.

One key duty to be held by local governments is supervision and inspection of the “3 phospho” industries. Recently, both overt and covert inspections of 59 locations of “3 phospho” industrial plants have taken place. Of these 59 locations, 48 did not conform to environmental protection laws. These inspections will continue so as to ensure that cooperating locations continue to meet environmental standards and to pressure nonconforming locations to change their operations and meet the local laws.

Local authorities to give frequent inspections and supportive technologies to phosphorus-based industrial plants

Additionally, closer supervision and assistance to phosphorus-based industrial plants will take place, on county and city level. Guided by the problems discovered during previous special investigations, new work methods and procedures will be considered, and great effort will be taken to make adjustments to work measures at different industrial plants based on their specific locations and production schedules. Furthermore, thorough measures for environmental impact management will be developed through scientific analysis and put into place via proper law enforcement. After these measures are put into place, local governments plan to enforce the environmental protection measures by forcing violating plants to adjust their production methods to meet regulations, discard old production methods in favor of new methods, or shut down completely. Furthermore, local governments will make regular measurements of water quality in the Chongan River and Wengan River in order to ensure that production plants do not cause excessive damage to local ecosystems.

Another duty of local governments will be to provide support to phosphorus-based industrial plants. First, local authorities will aim for a deeper understanding of the operation of the “3 phospho” industries in order to develop the most appropriate support measures. Then, local authorities plan to carry out training at industrial sites, video training sessions, and other online and offline supportive measures. Furthermore, local governments plan to help industries develop and utilize technology to minimize and control environmental pollution, as well as manage and carry out greener production. The local Environmental Resource Bureaus also plan to work personally with managers of industrial plants in order to ensure that these support measures are effective.

New environmental regulations to be fully implemented by December

Local authorities are carrying out these efforts according to the following timeframe. During June, goals and general strategies for environmental protective measures were announced. During July, frequent inspections have taken place at industrial locations in order to identify specific problems that need to be rectified in order to meet environmental protective regulations. From August to October, industrial locations are to begin implementing modified production methods based on the specific results of plant inspections. From November to December, after all modified production methods have been successfully implemented, the local government will carry out another round of inspections in order to ensure that the “3 phospho” industry’s production plants are meeting regulations.

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