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  • Weifang Xinlu proposes to launch new capacity of diquat


    Summary: On 3 Sept., EIA of Weifang Xinlu's 4,000t/a diquat TC project was released for the first time. On 3 Sept., the environmental impact assessment (EIA) of Weifang Xinlu Chemical Co., Ltd. (Weifang Xinlu)'s 4,000 t/a diquat TC project was launch...

  • Future development of China's li-ion battery industry


    Summary: Given the trend that China's demand in power batteries will remain a rapid growth in five years to come, supply-side enterprises of power batteries in the country will thus focus on increasing their ability in technological innovation, value...

  • China Feihe's revenue in the first half of 2021 increased 32.6 percent YoY


    Recently, China Feihe Ltd. released a semiannual report for the first half of 2021. The financial report showed that as of June30, 2021, Feihe's revenue was RMB 11.5 billion, a YoY increase of 32.6%. The performance was stable andexceeded market expe...

  • Huangshi Group's sales volume of dairy products hits a new high since listing


    On August 24, Huangshi Group released asemi-annual report for the year 2021. According to the report, between Januaryand June of 2021, Huangshi Group has earned revenue of about RMB 1.3 billion,which is an increase of 28.88% compared to the same peri...

  • Brief analysis of recent China TiO2 market


    Summary: The mainstream prices of TiO2 maintained stability in the recent slack season and some manufacturers lowered their prices slightly. In the short term, prices of dominant producers will still remain strong while some producers will face incre...

  • Top 100 Pesticide Enterprises in China(Edition 17th)


    With the intensification of industry competition and the increasing pressure on environmental protection and safety, China's pesticide industry has entered a new round of integration period. The merger and reorganization of the pesticide industry con...

  • Heavy rainfall in Henan damages autumn crops including corn and soybeans


    According to data released by China's Ministryof Agriculture and Rural Affairs on July 30th, around 970 thousand hectares ofcrops in the Henan Province were affected by recent heavy rain and flooding,with around 630 thousand hectares damaged, and 370...

  • Market Research of Chloromethanes in China


    Chloromethanes (CMS) mainly include methyl chloride, methylene chloride, chloroform and carbon tetrachloride. Afteryears of development, China has become a major CMS production base. This report is a value analysis of the CMS industry in China, which...

  • Tiantie to establish 50,000 t per year lithium salt project


    According to Tiantie’s announcement on July20, Changjili, a subsidiary of Tiantie, plans to invest in the construction ofa project with a production capacity of 50,000 t/a of lithium salt and 3,800t/a of alkyl lithium (RLi), along with secondary mate...

  • China Starch's revenue of starch sugars soars


    On 20 Aug., China Starch Holdings Limited (China Starch) released unaudited consolidated interim performance: in H1 2021, both price and sales volume of its starch sugars increased since demand for its starch sugars was not affected during the epidem...

  • Hubei Xingfa’s net profits in the first half of 2021 grow YoY


    With the global alleviation of COVID-19 aswell as the sustained economic recovery in China, the chemical industry inChina has entered into a boom cycle. In particular, main chemical products fromHubei Xingfa, such as glyphosate, silicone, and dimethy...

  • Global Guide of Coming Off-patent Agrochemical Active Ingredients[Edition8]


    Global Guide of Coming Off-patent AgrochemicalActive Ingredients, finished in August 2021, is CCM's eighth edition report on coming off-patent agrochemicals in the world. This report contains profiles of 17 active ingredients (7 herbicides, 4 insecti...

  • Chinese enterprises Yili and Mengniu among top 3 most valuable dairy brands 2021


    On August 10, Brand Finance, a world's leadingbrand valuation consultancy, published a list of the ten most valuable dairybrands in the world in 2021. Two Chinese dairy leading enterprises are in thetop three list, with Yili ranking the first and Men...

  • Pesticide Price Analysis in China in H1 2021


    In H1 2021, due to the severe global pandemic situation, the upstream raw materials and intermediates of pesticide were in short supply and the prices continued to rise. Therefore, the price of pesticide technical was at a high level. Although Chines...

  • Miracle Automation to build ternary precursor material and lithium carbonate project


    On June 28, Miracle Automation made an announcement regarding a newinvestment project. According to details released about the investment project,Miracle Automation plans to invest RMB 5 billion to build an annual productionproject of 30,000 tons of ...

  • Exchange rate USD/CNY, Jan. –Dec. 2020


    Exchange rate USD/CNY, Jan. –Dec. 2020

  • China Pentaerythritol Market Research [Edition 17]


    Driven by supply-side reforms and environmental protection policies, the structure of China's pentaerythritol industry has been continuously optimized, backward production capacity has been withdrawn one after another, and the scale of the industry h...

  • Market and Competitive Analysis of Dicamba Industry in China


    In recent years, development of dicamba-tolerant crops and weeds' increasing resistance to competing products like glyphosate have directed more and more attention to dicamba. Development and promotion of dicamba-tolerant crops in the US and South Am...

  • Distribution of methylene chloride manufacturers in China


    Distribution of methylene chloride manufacturers in China

  • Tonze subsidiary Xintai Material to partner with Xinhua Chemical for lithium hexafluorophosphate (LiPF6) production


    In late June 2021, Tonze, a leading enterprisein LiPF6, announced that its subsidiary company, Xintai Material, willestablish a joint-investment company called Jiangsu Tianhua Material TechnologyCo., Ltd with Xinhua Chemical in order to expand its pr...