4th China International Tea Expo to be Held in Hangzhou on July 24-27

Publish time:5/21/2020 12:00:00 AM      Source: MARA
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The Organizing Committee for the 4th China International Tea Expo held a virtual preparatory meeting in Beijing on May 20,in order to brief on the Expos work plan and map out following arrangements. Taking consideration of the on-going COVID-19 pandemic as well as its economic impacts across the world, the Organizing Committee made a cautious decision to schedule the Expo on July 24-27 in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, subject to appropriate adjustments upon the development of the pandemic.  


The Expo will serve as a platform for promoting exchanges and interaction between Chinese and overseas tea traders, facilitating poverty alleviation, helping tea brand-building and enhancing product-market connection. Both online and offline events will be organized. The Expo will set up several theme exhibition sites, including a poverty alleviation pavilion, a regional brands pavilion, a named teas pavilion, a creativity pavilion, and a tea processing and packaging pavilion.


A number of concurrent forums and seminars will be held online with concerns of avoiding large crowds amid COVID-19, including the 4th International Tea Summit titled West Lake Tea Forum, the China Tea Association Council meeting, and the 4th China Contemporary Tea Culture Development Forum and the 16th International Tea Culture Seminar. The Expos web portal will design a feature Online Tea Expo section as media outlets of live streamings, exhibitions, trade activities and broadcast programs.     


The Organizing Committee underlined that, the Expo is of great importance in boosting confidence of the tea industry, accelerating economic recovery, providing service to tea businesses and farmers, and facilitating poverty alleviation.


The Organizing Committee urged that concerted efforts should be devoted to ensure the success of the Expo and make it a practical, effective and grand event.