New technology needed to detect suitable vanadic titano-magnetite mining locations

Publish time:5/17/2020 12:00:00 AM      Source: CCM
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Recently, Lomon Mining announced that it obtained the first prize for the technical innovation project “research on efficient and green recycling processes and technology for mining vanadic titano-magnetite.”

For vanadic titano-magnetite mining in the Panxi District of Sichuan Province, using appropriate technology to choose high-quality mining locations is becoming difficult, as unmined ore is becoming harder to detect. In particular, ore dilution rate is continuously increasing, and ore is of weaker magnetism and of higher coercivity. The main problem is that the sought ore has relatively weak ferrous properties, making it difficult to detect from above ground, and the cost of finding a mining location through selective grinding is high.

Therefore, Lomon Mining plans to work together with Beikuang Technology Co. Ltd. in order to make swift and effective choices for mining locations. The two companies have researched mechanisms specifically for detecting vanadic titano-magnetite from above ground and have invented theoretical models for detecting certain ores using high frequency magnetic field waves.

Collaborative technology leads to gains in mining yield and increases in efficiency

By implementing the technology created as a result of this collaboration, Lomon Mining’s iron ire yield has increased by 11%; titanium ore yield has increased by 14%; flotation agent consumption has decreased by 8%; the cost of obtaining iron ore has decreased by 18%; the cost of obtaining titanium ore has decreased by 14%.

Furthermore, 98.7% of ore mined in 2019 was successfully extracted. Mine location selection has also been more successful; extracted iron ore had a recovery concentration of 64%, an increase of 3% compared to the previous year; extracted titanium ore had a recovery concentration of 57%, an increase of 20% compared to the previous year; the utilization rate of mined titanium ore was 32%, an increase of 10% over the previous year. As a result of this partnership, Lomon Mining has become an industrial leader in terms of ore extraction, successful mining location selection, and return on investment.

New technology reduces mining waste and promotes eco-friendly industry

In addition, this collaboration has spurred an advance in cutting-edge technology for vanadic titano-magnetite mining. Though recent technological advancements, over 40% of low-quality ore from one of Panxi’s open mines was successfully refined into usable material. This has effectively resolved Panxi’s problems of the low usability rate of the ore from its vanadic titano-magnetite mines, the low quality of ore extracted, and the high cost of extracting ore.

These new technological advancements will make Chinese vanadic titano-magnetite mining technology among the best in the world, and China will become a leader in the industry. As the mining project in the Panxi District continues to implement new technology, it is expected that an average of two million fewer tons of waste rock will be extracted per year, and approximately three million tons more of usable ore per year will be obtained. These technological advancements will have an abundance of positive effects on the economy and on society.

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