Production and Market of Paraformaldehyde in China

Publish time:5/11/2020 12:00:00 AM      Source: CCM
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Paraformaldehyde (abbreviated as PF) industry in China is still at its growing stage, though it has witnessed a fast development in the past few years. There are two main PF production methods, namely rake drying method and spray drying method, and most producers in China adopt rake drying method, which, lags behind spray drying method in technology.

Domestic PF production is mainly distributed in Hebei, Jiangsu, and Shandong, relying on abundant supply of methanol and convenient transportation. The number of PF producers in China decreased from 35 in 2017 to 28 in 2018 and 26 in 2019.

In China, PF is mainly consumed in agrochemical, resin and pharmaceutical industries, etc. The agrochemical industry is the largest consumption field of PF, taking up 80.1% of the total domestic PF consumption in 2019. Glyphosate technical (AEA pathway) is the largest end use segment, and the consumption of PF in glyphosate accounted for 76.3% of the national total in 2019. The consumption of PF in resin industry accounts for 16.2% of the national total in 2019.

This 16th edition PF report, formulated in May 2020, focuses on the situation of China's paraformaldehyde (PF) industry in 2019 and Q1 2020, as well as forecasting its future development trend. The report aims to disclose the latest production and market information of China's PF industry. The data for 2019 and before are based on CCM's database and other various sources as mentioned in the section of methodology.

This market research provides detailed analysis on the elements affecting the growth of PF industry in China, as well as current and historic development of the industry. Market drivers, restraints, opportunities and relative policies can be found in this report.

Scope of the report
Region scope: China.
Time scope: 2010 to 2019, primarily 2017 to 2019.

On the basis of industrial segments: paraformaldehyde production, import, exports, and consumption.

Main contents:

No. Content
Executive summary
1 Market information of paraformaldehyde (PF)
1.1 Global overview of PF
1.2 PF development in China
1.3 Properties of PF
2 Production situation of PF in China
2.1 Producers of PF in China
2.2 Capacity and output of PF
2.3 Price of PF
2.4 New dynamics of raw material of PF—formaldehyde
2.4.1 Supply of formaldehyde in China
2.4.2 Price of formaldehyde in China
2.5 Industrial affair of PF in China
3 Import & export analysis of PF
3.1 Overall situation of PF trading
3.2 Import analysis of PF 2019
3.3 Export analysis of PF 2019
3.4 Export levy of PF (VAT & tax rebate)
4 End use segments of PF in China
4.1 Consumption of PF in glyphosate
4.1.1 Dynamic of glyphosate development in China
4.1.2 Routes for glyphosate production
4.1.3 Anti-dumping issues
4.1.4 Technology trend and its influence to PF utilization
4.2 Consumption of PF in other pesticides
4.3 Consumption situation of PF in resin industry
4.4 Consumption situation of PF in pharmaceutical industry
4.5 Consumption situation of PF in other industries
5 Forecast on PF industry in China
5.1 Factors influencing future development of PF
5.1.1 Driving forces
5.1.2 Barriers
5.2 Supply and demand forecast on PF 2020–2024

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