Resumption of work and production in Hubei

Publish time:4/22/2020 12:00:00 AM      Source: CCM
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Hubei Center for Epidemic Control and Prevention announced a notice promoting the resumption of work and enterprise production in Hubei Province, according to region and classification. 

All places affected by COVD-19 in Hubei province are categorized by regions of low risk, middle risk, and high risk. Enterprises located in the regions of low risk, middle risk and high risk should resume work and production based on the COVID-19 situation of that region.

The enterprises in the high-risk region of Hubei province but not in Wuhan, as well as the enterprises which have not stopped working since spring festival, can continue their production. These enterprises include those which involve business in public utilities, public life, agricultural production, finance and insurance, port transportation, and freight yards. Other enterprises include important enterprises related to the national economy and people’s livelihoods, key production line matching enterprises, and enterprises that are charged with the major projects of a city, a province or of the country.

Essential services will reopen, while social gathering places remain closed

For the arrangement of work resumption in the middle risk regions, enterprises which can resume work include those which are described above, local industries, local agricultural enterprises, outdoor architectural enterprises, service enterprises related to law, accounting, and software and information service.

For the arrangement of work resumption in the low risk regions, enterprises which are not on a specific restricted list can resume work and production. Airtight facilities and places with a large number of people are among those on this restricted list. For example, the following places cannot resume work before lifting restriction of COVID-19: cinemas, board game clubs, recreation halls, libraries, bookstores, cybercafes, disco bars, pubs, KTV clubs, public baths, foot baths, beauty salons, fitness centers, training institutions, and catering businesses, such as cafés, dining halls, and restaurants.

Transportation and business gradually resumes, while school reopening remains postponed

In terms of transportation in the regions of high risk, middle risk as well as low risk, passenger flights, coach buses, city buses, and ferries in the Hubei province can be gradually resumed under necessary prevention and control measures. Transportation vehicles such as passenger flights, coach buses, city buses, and ferries in Wuhan and other high-risk regions should remain closed.

In terms of schools such as colleges, primary and middle schools, secondary vocational schools, technical schools and kindergartens in Hubei province, the starting date will continue to be postponed according to the effects of COVID-19. The specific starting date of these schools will be set according to the degree of control over COVID-19 and scientific evaluation.

With the official end of restrictions on entering and leaving Wuhan, the city, with a population of over 10 million, is officially announced to reopen. According to the latest report on April 10, among 109 listing companies in Hubei province, 108 listing companies will resume work while workers in one listing company will mostly refrain from returning to work. Among the 108 listing companies, 26 companies are in partial resumption of work while 82 companies are almost at full resumption.

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