Crop Protection China Monthly Report 2003:Impact of the COVID-2019 on AI

Publish time:3/27/2020 10:27:36 AM      Source: CCM
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Recent years, there have been more and more factors affecting Chinese pesticide manufacturers, such as increasing technical prices, work safety and environmental protection problems, new pesticide management regulations, restrictive pesticide use, decreasing agricultural product prices, industry integration and so on. Under the severe COVID-19 epidemic situation in and outside China, there are some problems such as work resumption delay or even production suspension, traffic control and delayed logistics, shortage of raw materials, and limited import and export activities, which pose an unprecedented challenge to emergency response ability for pesticide manufacturers in China.


During the Spring Festival, large-scale pesticide manufacturers have more inventory while small ones have less in China generally. The pressure of environmental protection in Jiangsu Province and COVID-19 epidemic control in Hubei Province have brought great challenges to the pesticide industry. Fortunately, with accelerating integration in pesticide industry in China, large-scale pesticide manufacturers exhibit great capability in face of the epidemic, especially those manufacturers that strengthen their own competitiveness and produce upstream and downstream intermediates by themselves.