Comparison of synthetic sweeteners

Publish time:3/6/2020 5:53:47 PM      Source: CCM
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Item The first generation  The second generation The third generation
The fourth generation
The fifth generation The sixth generation
Saccharin Cyclamate Aspartame Acesulfame potassium Sucralose Neotame
Sweetness 400 50 180 200 600                             6,000
Sweetness price ratio (sweetness/yuan), Feb. 2020  7.4 3.1 1.9 4.1 1.7 13.0
ADI value (mg/kg·d) 05 01 040 015 015 015
Equivalent sugar intake of a sixty-kg adult (g/d) 240 150 480 180 540 540
Domestic approval time Before related regulations published 1996 1986 1992 1997 2003
Main limitations 
With strong post-bitter taste
Difficult to mix
Risk of cancer
Banned in western countries
Risk of multiple diseases
Banned in western countries
Unfit for patients with phenylketonuria 

Instable in alkaline environment or in heat

With strong metallic flavor
Relatively high cost

Application constrained by price

High sweetness and small volume make it difficult to weigh
Application constrained by price