Atrazine Market and Production in China 2019

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Atrazine, a triazine herbicide, is widely used worldwide, due to its good herbicidal effect, safety to crops and economical price. China's atrazine is export-oriented, with annual export volume of atrazine technical and formulations (converted to 97% technical) accounting for large share of the domestic annual output every year. In China, most of the atrazine (converted to 97% technical) was exported, and the rest was used to produce atrazine formulations, mainly including 38% SC, 50% SC, 80% WP and 90% WDG for domestic applications in 2016–2019.

The ex-works price of atrazine technical in China kept increasing in early 2018 and reached the highest in February. Then it dropped quickly in June but maintained higher than previous level. The key driving factor for the increase of atrazine price was increasing price of its key raw material, cyanuric chloride, during 2018.

However, in 2019, the price of atrazine technical in China showed a downward trend, mainly due to the large inventory of atrazine in 2018. Although the high price of raw material cyanuric chloride supported atrazine price to some extent, pressures to achieve destocking played the dominant role. Therefore, the price in 2019 was lower than that in 2018.

In fact, atrazine technical manufacturers have faced high inventory pressure throughout the year 2019, which resulted in the decreasing price.

What were the driving factors behind the rolling price? Behind those factors, there may be some opportunities.

In order to help industry players find more opportunities in China’s atrazine market, CCM has carried out a comprehensive analysis on atrazine industry, including registration, production, producers, export, consumption, price change, as well as its competing products in China. This report can guide investments and business movements for the players who pay close attention to atrazine industry.

This is CCM's sixth edition report on China’s atrazine industry and it attaches importance to the following parts:

Position of atrazine in Chinese herbicide industry, 2014–2018
Registration of atrazine in China, as of 13 Jan. 2020
Capacity and output of atrazine technical in China, 2016–2019
Capacity and output of major atrazine technical producers in China, 2016–2019
Export analysis of atrazine products in China, 2016–2018
Price of atrazine in China, 2016–2019
Apparent consumption of atrazine (converted to 97% technical) in China, 2016–2018
Actual consumption volume and market value of major atrazine formulations in China, 2016–2018

Comparison among atrazine and its major substitutes in China, 2019

Main contents:

No. Content
Executive summary
Introduction & methodology
1 Overview of atrazine industry in China
1.1 Brief introduction to pesticide industry in China
1.2 Position of atrazine in Chinese herbicide industry
2 Registration of atrazine in China
3 Supply of atrazine in China, 2016–2019
3.1 Summary of atrazine technical production
3.2 Key atrazine technical manufacturers
4 Circulation of atrazine in China
4.1 Import and export of atrazine, 2016–2018
4.2 Price of atrazine in China, 2016–2019
5 Consumption of atrazine in China, 2016–2018
6 Competing products of atrazine in China
7 Conclusions and trend

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