High-Rresolution Smart Magnetic Flux Leakage Detector successfully develops

Publish time:12/8/2006 10:42:00 AM      Source: CNPC
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CNPC Pipeline Company announced on December 8 that a High-Rresolution Smart Magnetic Flux Leakage Detector with a diameter of 1016 mm has been successfully developed in cooperation with AT Company of the United Kingdom. The Pipeline Company has declared 33 national patents for the detector and owns 105 patent techniques. Field tests were conducted on two occasions at the Yongqing-Caiyu section of the Parallel Shaan-Jing Pipeline from September 16 to 18. The test results indicated that the detector could operate safely and in a stable manner, offering complete data and good signals.

By using the theory that magnets can generate a vertical loop magnetic field around a pipe wall, the high-resolution pipeline detector can detect any corrosion, damage or metal loss and cracks in the welding line inside or outside the pipe wall, recording the exact position of the flaws and providing basic scientific data for the maintenance and integrated management of the pipeline. In addition, the detector does not damage or contaminate the pipeline or the natural environment around the line, or cause harm to human beings. The successful development of this detector is a significant development in ensuring the safe operation of oil pipelines.