CNPC spokesman talks about oil and gas cooperation with Canada

Publish time:7/19/2007 3:01:00 AM      Source: CNPC
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    Since 1980s, China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) has carried out extensive exchanges and cooperation with Canadian petroleum sector, which promotes the bilateral cooperation in the area of science, economy and trade, etc. Starting from early 1990s, CNPC has registered an oil and gas exploration and development company in Alberta, Canada and awarded interests of 8 blocks in Provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan.

CNPC has been always holding a proactive attitude towards cooperating with Canadian counterparts in oil sands, including oil sands development, pipeline transportation, trading and technology exchanges, etc. The company has made an extensive study in terms of oil sands resources, market and technology and acquired 11 leases auctioned by provincial government of Alberta early this year.

CNPC will further enhance its cooperation with Canadian petroleum sector and jointly explore mutually beneficial collaboration in oil sands development, crude oil pipeline construction and downstream upgrading for common development.