The Sulige No.2Gas Processing Plant ready for operation

Publish time:5/8/2008 8:59:00 AM      Source: CNPC
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The main works of theNo.2 Gas Processing Plant in Sulige Gas Field was completed on May 4. The whole plant has entered into purging, pressure test and debugging stage, and is planned to be put into formal operation on June 30.

Equipped with 18 units, including a fuel gas unit, a gas gathering and distribution unit, 3 sets of deoiling and dehydration units, the plant has a designed annual processing capacity of 5 billion cubic meters, making it the largest one in Asia. Most of the natural gas produced from Sulige Gas Field will be gathered, processed and distributed via this plant. Part of the processed gas will be directly distributed to users in Inner Mongolia under low pressure and the others will be delivered to the Shaan-Jing Gas Pipeline.