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  • US increases DDGS shipments to Morocco and Tunisia


    May 27, 2008 US increases DDGS shipments to Morocco and Tunisia The US Grains Council has increased its DDGS exports to African countries, Morocco and Tunisia, according to David Hutcheson, USGC consultant ...

  • Northwest Marketing Company delivers more than 10,000 tons of oil products for quake relief


        Tocope withoil shortages in quake-hit areas caused by the temporary suspension of the Lanzhou-Chengdu-Chongqing Pipeline and the Baoji-Chengdu Railroad, CNPC's tanker fleets, despite frequent aftershocks, shuttled back and for...

  • Daqing Petrochemical transports diesel to Weinan, Shaanxi Province


    On May 18, a special train carrying 2,000 tonnes of 0# diesel left Daqing Petrochemical Company for the city of Weinan, Shaanxi Province, to provide fuel for quake relief.

  • China's lysine export volume decline in April


    May 26, 2008 China''s lysine export volume decline in April China''s lysine exports in April totalled 6,500 tonnes, which is about 5,000 tonnes less than the previous month. April''s lysine exports...

  • CNPC Northwest Marketing Company sends 85 tankers of aircraft fuel to Sichuan


        At 4pm on May 21, 85 tankers of aircraft fuel dispatched by CNPC Northwest Marketing Company arrived in Sichuan by train.    Of this cargo, 60 tankers of aviation kerosene were sent to Gongxing Station for ...

  • Chevron donates USD 1.4 million to quake victims


    On May 20, Chevron China, the business partner of CNPC's Southwest Oil and Gas Field Company on the Chuandongbei Project, donated USD 1.4 million to the Red Cross of Sichuan Province to help quake victims.

  • Huabei Oilfield sends 400 tents to quake-hit areas


    On the morning of May 20, five trucks from CNPC Huabei Oilfield Company driven by a 16-strong rescue team set out for Sichuan with 400 tents for quake survivors.

  • Xinjiang Oilfield sends tents to Sichuan


    The first batch ofmaterial aid from Xinjiang Oilfield Company — 231 tents valued at nearly RMB 1 million— was sent to quake-hit areas in Sichuan on May 20. Three trucks carrying the tents were driven non-stop on National Road 312 to Sichuan. The tent...

  • Epidemic prevention professionals from Liaohe Oilfield go to Sichuan


    On May 20, three staff members from the epidemic prevention station of Liaohe Oilfield, along with 37 sanitary and anti-epidemic staff from Liaoning Province, headed to quake-hit areas in Sichuan. There are currently four professionals from Liaohe Oi...

  • Epidemic prevention experts from CNPC Central Hospital go to quake-hit areas


    Four epidemic prevention experts from the CNPC Central Hospital were sent to Sichuan on May 18. Upon their arrival the next day, the experts headed for stations closest to the epicenter along the Lanzhou-Chengdu-Chongqing Pipeline, including Guanyuan...

  • CNPC employees in Indonesia donate money for quake victims


    In response to the Wenchuan earthquake, CNPC's local and Chinese employees working on projects in Indonesia contributed funds for quake victims. By May 19, total donations of Rp.46,090,000.00 (USD 5,040), RMB 7,300 and USD 500 were collected.

  • Chongqing Gas Field delivers 11 million cubic meters of gas per day to Sichuan


    Natural gas produced by Chongqing Gas Field of CNPC Southwest Oil and Gas Field Company is normally delivered directly to over 100 large- and medium-sized enterprises and tens of millions of households in Sichuan and Chongqing through the North-South...

  • Dalian Petrochemical provides diesel for quake relief


    On May 19, the oil tanker Shunfan 266 sailed from Dalian for Chongqing with 6,000 tons of 0# diesel. This is the first batch of oil products Dalian Petrochemical provided for disaster relief in Sichuan.    At present, various mach...

  • Newfield Exploration Company donates to China earthquake victims


    On May 16, Newfield Exploration Company NFX and the Newfield Foundation announced the donation of USD50,000 to the Red Cross Society of China to help victims of the recent earthquake in Sichuan Province. "Thousands of people have lost their live...

  • CNPC overseas employees make donations to quake-hit areas


    CNPC employees working on overseas projects have been paying close attention to quake relief efforts and contributed funds for the quake-hit areas. Many local employees, local people and communities also provided financial support to show their conce...

  • CNPC staff donate over RMB 80 million


    Since the earthquake struck southwestern China on May 12, CNPC staff have been enthusiastically responding to the company's campaign calling on employees to donate money for the reconstruction of 100 primary schools. By 6pm on May 19, over RMB 80 mil...

  • CNPC provides "fuel for life"


    At 5pm on May 18, the heartening news arrived that CNPC''s service station in Wenchuan County, the epicenter of the Sichuan earthquake, had reopened. As a result, oil supplies have been completed restored to all of the quake-hit counties in the south...

  • CNPC ensures orderly response to Sichuan earthquake


    CNPC immediately took emergency measures following the massive earthquake that hit southwest China. On May 12, CNPC issued an emergency telegraph to call for disaster relief and enhancing the safety of its operations. An emergency headquarters was es...

  • Team led by Wang Yilin deals with disaster relief


    A team of headquarters personnel, led by CNPC Vice President Wang Yilin, has been sent to the quake-hit areas. Upon their arrival on May 13, Wang Yilin immediately organized a report-back meeting on earthquake relief and rescue work carried out by CN...

  • Concerted efforts for disaster relief


    The 7.8-magnitude earthquake that hit southwest China on May 12, 2008 has had a great impact on CNPC's oil and gas fields, as well as refining and marketing enterprises in Sichuan, Chongqing, Shaanxi and Gansu. CNPC promptly launched its emergency pl...