The first afforestation project for carbon sequestration in Beijing launched

Publish time:4/8/2008 2:50:00 AM      Source: CNPC
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On April 4, China Green Carbon Fund officially launched its first carbon sequestration project in Beijing.

Wang Yilin, Vice-president and representative of CNPC, attended the launch ceremony and he pointed out in his speech that CNPC will fulfill its due social responsibility in environment protection, afforestation, promotion of carbon sequestration and curb of global warming.

CNPC has invested three million RMB to implement the plan of planting 400 hectares of carbon sequestration forest in Beijing's western suburbs of Fangshan District within 20 years. Local eco-environment is expected to be improved considerably since nearly 4,000 tons of carbon dioxide is to be absorbed as a result of the plan. The first 130 hectares of forest, as the beginning phase of the whole afforestation plan, is to be finished within this year, with 12 kinds of 16,000 carbon sequestration trees to be planted.